OX10 is the hosting and IT Services offering of Save Your Past Ltd., the name OX10 is a reference to our base in South Oxfordshire, but we have clients throughout the UK. The team have a decade or two of experience with Web technologies, and have experience working with some of the largest online retailers in the country and throughout Europe, APAC and the US.

Our primary goal is to help people and organisations see more potential from the technology and services already available to them today. We love to help individuals and SMEs get to the point where they are self sufficient, and have ‘supported hosting’ options where we provide the IT infrastructure and technical training or guidance to enable clients to do as much or as little of the development and maintenance for their websites.

Our secondary goal is to Keep It Simple, though we also love to roll our sleeves up and get stuck into interesting projects of all sizes. We won’t suggest implementing a bespoke CMS based site where a few static pages are sufficient for a client’s given business requirements for their web presence. We won’t suggest expensive tools and services where free or Open Source options might provide an equal benefit.

This is exactly the kind of feedback we love to receive from clients::

I am so pleased with what you have done!….
Good night and thank you again for you hard work and enthusiasm. Mandy

We love technology and business related discussions and so if you have a project you are considering, or want to investigate solutions to a problems that is affecting you or your business, we’d love to hear from you. Even if we turn out not to be a good fit for your current needs, there is a good chance that we can recommend someone who would be.